Complete Medical Spanish Book, Fourth Edition



Check out our McGraw Hill’s Complete Medical Spanish textbook, authored by the Rios Associates team!
It goes far beyond a phrasebook or dictionary. This time-tested resource provides you with the skills and confidence to interact with Spanish-speaking patients and their families, and deliver the high quality of care they deserve. This book will help you:

* Master a Spanish vocabulary of more than 3,000 key terms
* Confidently interview patients, take histories, conduct physical & neurological exams, prescribe medication, and give follow-up instructions in Spanish
* Become culturally competent and more aware of major differences between Latino and Anglo-American cultures and how they impact healthcare decisions.
New to this 4th edition: Sections on musculoskeletal exam, physical therapy, speech therapy, mental health, women’s health, children’s behavioral problems, pandemics • Questionnaires for GAD7, OASIS •Assessments for OASIS, CAGE• MoCA Test

About the authors:
Joanna Ríos, Ph.D., Tamara Rios, Ph.D. And José Fernández Torres, MSc have been teaching medical Spanish for more than 30 years. Their workshops are accredited by the American Medical Association, the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Association of Family Physicians.


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